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If an employee is injured on board a vessel, he or she is entitled to compensation from UFDS. It is important that the shipping company reports the injury in accordance with its obligations as employer. If in doubt about whether an incident can be categorised as an industrial injury, members are always welcome to contact UFDS. We always follow the rules laid down by the Danish Working Environment Authority.

Personnel have the following compensation options:

Damage to glasses

UFDS reimburses expenses for glasses or contact lenses damaged in connection with work. Under the rules applying in 2021, damaged eyeglass frames will be refunded at DKK 1,200. The cost of new eyeglass lenses of the same quality will be covered in full. Frames less than one year old are considered new, and the cost of replacing them will be covered in full. However, we require a receipt proving that the frames are less than one year old.

Dental injuries

UFDS reimburses the cost of dental treatment if an employee suffers a dental injury in connection with his or her work. When we have received the notice of the claim, we send the injured employee a dentist’s declaration for the dentist to fill in and return to us. We will approve or reject the treatment on the basis of the dentist’s declaration. If the injured employee is a foreigner, we ask for a cost estimate if the dental treatment is extensive.

Permanent injury

In the event of a recognised industrial injury that causes life impairment, compensation is awarded for impairments that affect the employee’s daily life. Compensation is not awarded for temporary impairments connected with the injury, and the Danish Labour Market Insurance must determine an estimated disability of at least 5% before compensation can be paid.

Loss of earning capacity

Loss of earning capacity means that the industrial injury has reduced the injured employee’s chances of working. The amount of compensation depends on such factors as age and income before the injury. The loss of earning capacity must be at least 15%. Compensation for loss of earning capacity is not payable after the age of retirement.


Surviving spouses, cohabiting partners or registered partners are entitled to a tax-exempt transitional allowance. In 2021, the allowance, which is adjusted annually, amounted to DKK 177,000. Compensation can also be paid for loss of dependency, if the deceased provided for the surviving dependants. The Labour Market Insurance determines the compensation on the basis of the age, children, health, education, work, pay, housing expenses and other financial circumstances of the surviving dependants. Surviving children receive separate compensation.

Treatment costs

The Danish Maritime Authority refunds any treatment costs incurred during the first 18 weeks after the accident. After 18 weeks, if the Labour Market Insurance has recognised the injury as an industrial injury, UFDS may cover certain treatment and transport costs. Cover is based on the Danish Consolidation Act on Workers’ Compensation. Unfortunately, these guidelines only exist in Danish. (Link to Danish guidelines here)

However, it is advisable to obtain an advance approval from either UFDS or the Labour Market Insurance before any treatment is initiated.

Compensation is not awarded

Under the Danish Consolidated Workers’ Compensation Act, compensation is not awarded for pain and suffering and loss of earnings. Treatment at private hospitals and clinics is only covered if the treatment cannot be provided by a public-sector hospital, the injured employee is staying outside Denmark’s borders, or the injured employee is not a Danish citizen and is to receive treatment in his/her home country.

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